Jan 12, 2012

Yolanda Bello Dolls

Yolanda Bello dolls are famed for their highly realistic nature and profound expressions. Each doll is a unique creation. Among Bello's most popular dolls is her "Jason" creation, sold through Ashton Drake as part of the Picture Perfect Babies Collection.
Yolanda Bello Dolls Artist Extraordinaire
After countless hours trying to find information about Yoland Bello on the internet other than what the old Ashton Drake are selling for Collectible Dolls Guide went in search of old files. I have pulled together the bits and pieces from the information in thiose files from the late 80's when I represented Yolanda Bello in California.

Yolanda Bello, whose dolls are critically acclaimed for their realism, their sculptural excellence, and their rich depth of emotion, says that her goal is to design dolls that “achieve purity of expression”. Yolanda Bello’s work as a doll maker is known to sophisticated doll collectors throughout the country. She has won many prizes for her dolls in major juries exhibitions, including Best of Show awards.

Yolanda Bello was born in Caracas, Venezuela and was the founder and President of Bello Creations, Chicago based company that specialized in the production of the dolls of Yolanda Bello and

Yolanda Bello Dolls


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